Sample Video 131: Music 5: Specdrum–Learning About Culture Through Drumming


Learning about diverse cultures through music, specifically drumming, is what SpecDrum is all about. SpecDrum is a not-for-profit organization offering free, cultural education through drumming as an enrichment to the current school curriculum–a continual study of world culture through music, year round, not just a once a year presentation in the school gymnasium. The Kranzberg Arts Foundation is supporting this endeavor by offering a space for practice and performance in the new .ZACH Performing Arts Incubator and the Kranzberg Arts Center. Could such an approach help teach cultural awareness in your school?

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 304: Arts Integration Activity--Linking Music to Cultural Experiences

This teacher tool, accompanying the video above, provides an Arts Integration activity combining social studies, cultural study, and music as students learn about different cultures. This activity can be used to accompany a variety of the Culture videos on our Educate.Today website.