Remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis—Mary Hall-Ries Program 1
Grades: 6 - 12

Video Description: View archival footage and go back in time to October 1962 in this interview with Mary Hall-Ries as she shares her memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Type of Video: Interview*
Unique Video ID: US History-122**

Quick Ideas for Using the Video:

  • Use the video in conjunction with your study of American and/or world history focused on events of the Cold War.
  • Provide the video as a primary source for students to use as part of independent or small group projects on the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, the Kennedy Administration, the nuclear arms race, or other related topics.
  • Use the video in conjunction with a journal prompt or conversation starter dealing with the impact of primary sources on their understanding of history. For example, how did hearing directly from an individual of the time about what the crisis was like affect their understanding of the event and its impact?

To see other interviews with individuals remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis, type “Cuban Missile Crisis” in the keyword search.


*Interviews feature extended conversation exploring fascinating topics with fascinating people in the area of study.

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