Medicine 2: New MRI Technique for Faster and Easier Cardiac MRI’s With Freedom to Breathe

Getting an MRI can mean spending a long time in a tight space.  It can be uncomfortable, especially for patients who are claustrophobic.  A scan of the heart is particularly challenging.  To get a clear picture, patients hold their breath repeatedly.

A team of researchers at the University of Missouri is trying to fix the problem through the Heart Speed project.  Using data analysis software, they’re pulling out motion information from the MR images.  This would allow radiologists to see the heart clearly, regardless of whether the patient is breathing.  The Heart Speed team received funding through the University of Missouri’s Coulter Translational Partnership Program.  It’s meant to help them take their idea from academic research to market.

Student Tools

Student Tool 66: Video Reflection Worksheet

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Teacher Tool 318: Cross Curricular Activity--Video Reflection

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Teacher Tool 610: STEM/Independent Research Activity--Tools of the Trade in Medicine

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