Featured Video: STEM 1: Explore! Fast

As part of our May partnership with St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspapers in Education, we focus on STEM resources related to energy, speed, and the factors that affect both.  In this episode of Explore! we investigate what makes things go fast and ask the big picture question, “How do people and animals create and manipulate speed and how does that affect their ability to succeed?”

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Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 106: Explore Fast Study Guide

Use this study guide to accompany the Educate.Today video: STEM 1: Explore! Fast.
Contents including a program description, a time-coded program agenda, related curriculum standards, and learning activities related to the program.


Teacher Tool 107: Cool Fast Facts Video

Use this Teacher tool with a learning activity related to the following Educate.Today video:
STEM 1: “Explore! Fast”