Adjudication Practice and Training for Educational Theatre Association

Normally when adjudicating a show for the Festival Main Stage you would view the entire show, try to scratch some notes during the performance and then formalize all your notes after the show. For this adjudication you will watch three ten to fifteen minute sections of She Stoops to Conquer and write your notes immediately following each ten minute section. When preparing your notes, remember to give the director and their students as much information as possible to help them learn and grow from the adjudication feedback. They want to know, if they were given a “Good” for a particular section, what could they have done to warrant a Superior rating? So for every rating/comment you give consider what it is they need to do for that section so they could earn a Superior.

Time codes for the three sections you will watch are provided below.  To access the evaluation form you will use while watching the video, click here.

Section 1 to Watch:  Start at 02:18 and continue through 12:15.

Section 2 to Watch:  Start at 12:57 and continue through 21:17.

Section 3 to Watch:  Start at 21:58 and continue through 37:32.

Teacher Tools

EdTA Tool 1: Mainstage Adjudication Practice and Training Evaluation Form

Download this document to save and/or print a copy of the Adjudication Practice and Training Evaluation Form you'll be using when watching this video.