Coffee with Kristy and Tim: Episode #3: Past vs. Present; How Teaching Has Changed Over the Years
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Education has been along for the ride in a world where technology seems to be taking over.  Looking back over the last 30 years of public-school education it is obvious there have been a lot of changes, challenges and hurdles that educators have overcome.  Join host Kristy Houle and her colleague Tim Gore as they chat about some of those changes and how they think education has risen above those obstacles.



“Today’s teacher, they’re not doing units on Johnny Appleseed and if they are, every piece of the unit has to align to a standard and they have to be able to prove that with an assessment.” –Kristy Houle

“I feel that there is less of the teachers own flexibility, personality and learning style and teaching style that’s possible for a teacher to invest in their classrooms now than there used to be.” –Tim Gore

–The Classroom Matters Podcast