Using Primary Sources
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Grades: 3 to 12

Whether it’s for a history report or science project; for better understanding of an historic event, the way a machine works, or a how a mathematician or scientist makes use of a certain concept or formula, primary sources–being able to learn directly from individuals who have lived the history or do the work in the laboratory—are an exceptional resource to increase student understanding.  Educate.Today believes in the power of primary sources to inspire your students and illuminate their learning, and the contents of our extensive library of primary source videos reflects that belief. 

Full of interesting activity ideas and lesson plans as well as reading lists and additional supplemental resources, this tool kit provides strategies to connect your students to individuals in our video resources who are living the curriculum they are studying in class.  Additional primary source activity idea and lesson plan Teacher Tools can be found with many videos throughout the Educate.Today website.

Have a lesson plan, article you’ve written, or a video of a student project incorporating primary sources that you’d like us to look at for possible publication on our Educate.Today website?  Send us the completed form you’ll find here and we’ll get back in touch.

Teacher Tools
Teacher Tool 504: Using Primary Sources Resource Package–Reading and Resource Lists
Download this document to find reading lists that include books, magazines, and online sources related to the topic of Using Primary Sources.
Teacher Tool 505: Using Primary Sources Resource Package–Writing Activity Ideas
Download this document to find writing activities with printable journal pages and Venn Diagram templates related to the topic of Using Primary Sources.
Teacher Tool 506: Using Primary Sources Resource Package–Vocabulary
Download this document to find vocabulary words and activities related to the topic of Using Primary Sources.
Teacher Tool 562: Using Primary Sources Resource Package–Sample Lesson Plans
Download this document to find some sample activity ideas and lesson plans you can use with students as they build their capacity to effectively use primary sources in their learning. Current contents include lesson plans on the following:
1. Conducting Primary Source Interviews
2. Using Primary Sources in an Independent Research Project
3. Understanding Primary Versus Secondary Sources
4. Exploring a Country Through Its Flags and Maps
Teacher Tool 594: The Value of Primary Sources
Download this document to read articles by current and retired teachers offering their ideas, experiences, and resources on how to successfully use primary sources in the classroom.