Episode #8: Gifted or Just Smart? Detecting Characteristics of the Gifted Student with Christine Nobbe

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“Gifted students will do fine on their own.”
“Gifted programs are elitist.”

These and other myths prevent our country from appropriately educating millions of advanced students.  In April 2019 Christine Nobbe was named Gifted Director for the state of Missouri and prior to that spent thirty years in the classroom setting. Over the course of her career, Christine has worked with classroom teachers to identify characteristics of gifted students and helped school districts around the state develop and grow outstanding gifted education programs. Take a listen as Kristy and Christine discuss and debunk some of the current myths about gifted education.


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“…I want to be very clear and up front that gifted learners are found in all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels.”

“The kiddos that grow up and do amazing things are the ones we see in the newspaper. The kids that grow up and are struggling and are unfulfilled and we’ve lost their talent and potential– we don’t hear about.”

“Some research talks about how gifted kids being with other gifted kids thirty minutes a day makes a big difference…”

-Christine Nobbe, The Classroom Matters Podcast

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In this episode you’ll hear…

  • How to identify the gifted student in a general classroom setting
  • Why gifted students need the support and modifications to be successful
  • Strategies to enrich the gifted students educational experience

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Kristy and Christine in the Educate.Today studio

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