Episode #2: Living Out Your Posters with Kenneth Williams
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As founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Unfold the Soul,  Kenneth C. Williams is living proof that educators CAN and should  “live their posters” and shares with us how to truly achieve learning for all.  Unfold the Soul trains entrepreneurs, educators, and motivated individuals how to accelerate the achievement of their personal and professional goals. Ken’s background includes a BA from Morehouse College and he also holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Bridgeport and a Leadership Certificate from the Bowie State University. For nearly 20 years, he has been a teacher, assistant principal, sales manager, educational consultant, trainer, speaker and a leading authority in the areas of collaboration, breakthrough achievement, leadership, and peak performance.

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“What’s best for kids is first and what’s best for adults is a close second.”

“We’ve got to be able to say ‘we don’t know’ but we’ve got to set up cultures where it’s safe for teachers to do so.”

— Kenneth C. Williams, The Classroom Matters Podcast



In this episode, you’ll hear

  • How to create physical and emotional security in schools
  • Some hard truths about the reality of school cultures
  • Strategies educators can use to start a positive paradigm shift

Starting a Movement by Kenneth C. Williams


Creating Physical and Emotional Security in Schools by Kenneth C. Williams


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