Arts and Arts Integration Resource Packages

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In our Arts and Arts Integration Resource Packages below our videos let students and teachers learn directly from artists in the fields of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.  Materials for teachers also include professional development videos on arts and arts integration. Curriculum materials with many of the videos include related lesson plans, activity ideas, reading and vocabulary lists, and additional resources all focused on the topic featured.

Music and Dance–Full of videos that take students to the performance spaces and workspaces of dance and music professionals, these resources connect students studying music and dance to professionals engaged in the work on a daily basis.  Learn from choreographers.  Listen to singers and musicians.  Compare and contract genres as diverse (and maybe surprisingly similar) as blues, jazz, and Scottish folk music.  And check out the connections between music and mathematics.  

Theatre and Television–Students go behind the scenes and on the stage as they explore what it means to live and work in the world of theater and television.  Topics explored include producing a play or television show, lighting and scenic design, costumes and choreography, and conversations with professional actors, directors, producers, designers, and editors.  

Visual Arts–Connect your students to artists in their workspace as they demonstrate their craft and share examples of their work.  Tour works of art in gallery spaces and learn what it means to curate an art exhibit.  Learn about styles of art, different cultures, and periods of history through artists and curators sharing their creative expression.  Give students the opportunity to compare their creative processes to those used by professionals through the videos, lesson plans, activity ideas, and related materials in our Visual Arts Resource Package.