Classroom Matters Episode #4: Dr. Debra Peppers

Coming Soon to the Classroom Matters podcast, Kristy Houle sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers to talk about the dangers of teacher stress in today’s demanding world of education.  Dr. Peppers is one of only five teachers inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame upon her retirement from a St. Louis school district and she now travels the world to motivate, inspire and “sprinkle” a little humor on every school and organization she speaks to.  Debra encourages the listeners and provides them with tools to create a positive change in the school environment. She shares her troubled past as a high school student and how teachers can avoid the epidemic of “teacher stress.”


“The non-motivated students need just one little inch of success, and the same goes for teachers.”

“Don’t forget, when your going into the hospital on that stretcher and the sheet is coming up over your eyes and as your looking up….there’s one of your students.”

“A balanced life, a balanced everything, and a balanced classroom. That’s our goal.”


-Dr. Debra Peppers, The Classroom Matters Podcast


Tune in July 25th to hear more from the rest of the story with Dr. Debra Peppers.


Photo via Dr. Debra Peppers