Celebrating January Special Events

Click on any link below to find Educate.Today videos related to special day, week, and monthly celebrations in January.

Monthly Celebrations in January
International Creativity Month—Check out a few of our videos on ways to develop creativity.
National Cat Lovers Month—Learn about exciting new research into the cat genome.
Universal Human Rights Month—Explore some of our videos dealing with human rights issues.
Adopt a Rescued Bird Month—Meet Jeffrey Meshach, Director of the World Bird Sanctuary and learn about their work and how a bird’s anatomy enables it to fly.

Weekly Celebrations in January
January 30-February 6—National Storytelling Week—Celebrate the power of story with authors, poets, playwrights, and other storytellers.

Daily Celebrations in January
January 2—National Science Fiction Day—View videos with authors of science fiction and fantasy.
January 3—Festival of Sleep Day—On this day to celebrate sleep, learn about a new innovation to help those with sleep apnea.
January 4—World Braille Day—Meet sight-impaired individuals and learn how Braille helps them.
January 5—National Bird Day—Learn more about our feathered friends in these videos.
January 7—Old Rock Day—Explore rocks and fossils in these videos.
January 9—International Choreographers Day—Explore the hard work behind the beauty of dance.
January 9—National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day—Meet law enforcement personnel and learn about their job.
January 11, 1838—Samuel Morse and Alford Vail demonstrate the first electronic telegraph using Morse Code.
January 14, 1784—Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris with England formally ending the Revolutionary War.
January 16—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—Investigate the legacy of Dr. King and America’s Civil Rights Movement in over 90 videos.
January 17, 1706—Benjamin Franklin is born. Learn more about his life and celebrate Kid Inventors Day in these videos.
January 27—International Holocaust Remembrance Day—Holocaust survivors share their stories.
January 27—Vietnam Peace Day—On this day in 1973 the Paris Peace Accords were signed ending the Vietnam War.
January 31—Inspire Your Heart with Arts Day—Check out over 800 videos with artists in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.